In the Mahabharata, when Hanuman sits on the flag of Arjuna’s chariot, why does he not fight in the war?


How to attend to a pet passing away


Hare Krishna

Pamho. Agtsp

When ones pet dog is very sick and is going to die anytime soon. Lets say ,for example , the dog has cancer and is immobile , does not eat food or eats extremely little.

What should a devotee’s proper response to this be when a sick dog/pet is passing away? Of course giving the pet lots of prasadam is very important , but in the latter srages, should he put the dog down or hospitalise the dog at major cost ?

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Hare Krishna,

My simple and humble understanding is that the spiritual world, where we come from, is full of eternal bliss, happiness etc etc…it cannot be compared to this dreadful material existance we find ourselves in now.

So my question is…Why were we sent to the material platform if things were so good and blissful in the spititual world ? I cannot see this as anything but punishment for something.
I asked this question to may devotees and the answers/analogies I got ranged from \”…we looked away because we thought the grass is greener on the other side\” and \”let the child burn himself in order to tech him not to play with fire…\”


Surya's son – Karna


In reading the Mahabharata, I have come across the character of Karna (Surya’s son).My question is, howcome Surya was able to teach and lecture Hanuman,, were he eventually became a great devotee of Lord Raam. Though he was not able to teach Karna these same life lessons, allowing him to oppose his brothers in war.

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