I am Tebogo. I love life and have always found something positive to do with my time. But lately I have begun to hate myself and even life itself. I really need help. I think my spiritual life is lacking and this makes the challenges I am facing to overwhelm me.

Is the center still open or operating? What is a good time for coming to the center for individual help? I also thinkni need yoga. What times are allowed for visitors?

I look forward to your response. I live in Alexandra and I would like to find out if there is a branch nearer to me? Anything

Good Blessings



How to attend to a pet passing away


Hare Krishna

Pamho. Agtsp

When ones pet dog is very sick and is going to die anytime soon. Lets say ,for example , the dog has cancer and is immobile , does not eat food or eats extremely little.

What should a devotee’s proper response to this be when a sick dog/pet is passing away? Of course giving the pet lots of prasadam is very important , but in the latter srages, should he put the dog down or hospitalise the dog at major cost ?

Thank you
Haribol !

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